Monday, January 25, 2016

CABIN FEVER....That should be the name of the 2016 blizzard that came through the North East this weekend.

Today everyone is finally starting to dig themselves out of the igloo that has become their homes. At this point, Netflix marathons have lost their appeal and if there is one more game of Uno, Monopoly, or for that matter, Candy Crush played, you may just lose your mind.

Those of us that get a little stir crazy have been out helping neighbors dig out their driveways - and those of us who are ambitious folks, well... whole streets have been cleared out (Thank you, Snow Plow God, Zamboni, for not letting ours break down) And for you die hard runners out there, be careful not to slip and fall on that sheet of ice that is the road.

Surprisingly, power has stayed on the whole time. If by chance we lose it during the melting and freezing of the snow over the next few days, we are ready. 

In our adventures out during the storm, we learned two things, even the biggest of snow plows needs a little help getting unstuck and for some reason people with no 4 wheel drive felt the need to be out too, and had to call 911 to help them out of the intersections they got stuck in. That was our cue to head back home and stay home to wait out the snow. I'd rather get stuck in my house than on the street.

Now that we are out...where do we go...the grocery's the only thing open other than a very depleted Starbucks around the corner. 

Hope all of you stay safe, stay warm and stay calm. 

Now go back to watching Netflix.